Small news items: traces, writing projects

Small news items: traces, writing projects

The last few weeks have been busy ones with regards to writing. Two brand-new Traces and a Curiosity have been produced and are now available on the WWW website.

Curiosity: Where there’s a Will. This considers whether and to what extent Wills have some of the features of letterness, and discusses a number of WWW Wills in this regard.

Trace: Get the boys for me. This concerns an 1898 letter to Dave Forbes jnr wanting him to become a large-scale labour recruiter and considers the objectification processes involved both in labour matters and concerning the term ‘boy’.

Trace: ‘Afford my Country an infinite Advantage’. This discusses a 1795 letter from Robert Brooke to Lord Macartney concerning various events in the seas around St Helena and a related ‘expedition‘ to the Cape to prevent attend French and Bonaparte take-over which eventuated in its (then temporary) annexation by Britain.

Also, there has been a welcome return of Olive Schreiner with some work on her unpublished manuscripts for a journal article – and this will also result in either a new section of the OSLO website or a new Edinburgh one to accommodate Schreiner manuscript transcriptions. In addition there is a new book, not connected with WWW research, now underway. This is an introduction to the ideas and writings of sociologist Dorothy Smith.

So quite busy, then.


Last updated: 10 November 2017