Whites Writing Whiteness project: News Update April 2015

Andrea goes, Emilia arrives: April 2015

Departures and new beginnings
There are soon to be changes in personnel on the project, with Andrea Salter leaving Edinburgh to take up the post of School Research Facilitator in Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Her new role will involve stimulating interdisciplinary research between Cambridge academics and those elsewhere in the UK and overseas. Andrea has worked closely with project PI Liz Stanley since 2003, including on the Olive Schreiner Letters Online (2008-2012), and has been responsible for managing the running of the Lives & Letters (formerly NABS) mailing list since 2007. Her beneficent presence will be much missed, but what a fab opportunity for her.

Taking over the RA post on the Whites Writing Whiteness project is Emilia Sereva. Emilia is another Edinburgh person and has worked closely with Liz around her doctoral research, on the British family funeral firm and the transaction of funerals. There is a close connection between WWW and Emilia’s familiarity with and use of the work of Norbert Elias, which provides the conceptual architecture and an important aspect of the methodological tools of WWW. In addition, Emilia has been the Webmistress for the Sociology webpages and part of the School graduate webpages at Edinburgh, so she brings a high degree of web savvy to the post.

Au revoir and bon voyage Andrea, and a warm welcome to Emilia, whose email address is Emilia Sereva at e.p.sereva@sms.ed.ac.uk.

Three other items of news now follow:

New journal articles by Liz Stanley:
The following peer-reviewed articles are or will soon be available to read in the  next few months. Ideas for several of these have been ‘tested’ in blog form, while more information about the publications can be found here: http://www.whiteswritingwhiteness.ed.ac.uk/readallabout/project-publications/

(2015) ‘Operationalizing a QLR project on social change and whiteness in South Africa, 1770s – 1970s’ Int J Social Research Methodology 18:3: 251-65.

(2015) ‘The death of the letter? Letterness and the many ends of letter-writing’ Cultural Sociology – see Online First, March 2015.

(October 2015) The scriptural economy, the Forbes figuration and the racial order: Everyday life in South Africa 1850 – 1922’ Sociology 49: 5.

(2015, date nya) ‘What is a migrant letter?’ accepted by Journal of Family History

New project blog posts:
Several new blog posts are now available, the most recent concerning WWW website usage statistics since the site was launched in October 2012: http://www.whiteswritingwhiteness.ed.ac.uk/blog/www-website-use/

No-cost extension to the WWW project:
Project funders, the Economic and Social Research Council, have agreed a ‘no-cost extension’ to the WWW project until end December 2016. This is because of Liz Stanley’s extensive time commitments during the project’s early days (on the REF panel and as former Head of Sociology at Edinburgh). It’s very good news for finishing project work and ensuring more publications.

Last updated: 18 April 2015


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