Reading Lists

Reading Lists

This page is now closed and will not be further maintained.

From here, you can access introductory reading lists on key topics, which also provide annotations of books, articles and chapters which are relevant to project research. Just double-click on the links.

Methodology – posted March 2013, updated June 2020

Letters and Epistolarity – posted March 2013, updated May 2013
Frontiers – posted March 2013, updated May 2013
Minerals Revolution – posted March 2013
Whiteness – posted April 2013, updated May 2013
Rhodes: Man, Myth and Matrix – posted Oct 2013
About Time: History, Time, Temporality – posted Dec 2014
Membership Categorization Analysis – posted Dec 2014, updated June 2020 NEW!
Missionaries and South Africa – posted Dec 2014, updated June 2020 NEW!
Remaking memory: on statues and memorials – posted June 2020  NEW!


Last updated: 15 June 2022