Archive Conferences

Archive Conferences

As part of the wide range of activities carried out as part of the White Writing Whiteness  project, a book –  The Archive Project: Archival Research in the Social Sciences –  was written in association with colleagues (in reverse alphabetical order for a change) Maria Tamboukou, Andrea Salter and Niamh Moore, and published by Routledge in later 2016. A set of three conferences was also set in motion as part of the launch of the book and  to encourage discussion of the ideas and methodlogical practices it promotes.

The conferences were on the trace as the bedrock of archival research (Edinburgh, January 2017), the role of metaphor in shaping archival inquiry and interpretation (London, March 2017) and writing as both an object of attention and also a key methodology used in archival research and publicarion (Cambridge, June 2017). Abstracts from each conference and also podcasts of some of the papers can be accessed below. Abstracts from the ‘Tracing the trace’ conference can be accessed from the live links here.

Last updated: 1 January 2018


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