Some small but important matters

Some small but important matters

Unfortunately I haven’t yet quite finished working on the Forbes letters in taking cross-sectional cuts of randomly selected years through its 70 years of letter-writing, as part of finishing the revisions for my article on migrant letters. There is a simple reason why, which is that for the last two days I’ve had a bad allergic reaction to something I ate on Wednesday; the culprit is either ground fennel seed, or more likely yacon (a turnip-like entity which can be used as a sweetener). However, most of the work is now done and it should now be finished either on Monday or perhaps even tomorrow, Sunday.

In spite of feeling like something a dog has chewed and then spat out, I’ve managed to complete my sub-pages which are part of the website for The Archive Project book which has been mentioned in various earlier blogs. I’m pleased with these, but alas can’t give the URL for the website to anyone yet because we’re still in the process of designing and building it.

Another small pleasing event happened on Friday, when I had a helpful and productive Skype meeting with Mike Pidd and Matthew Groves from the HRI in Sheffield, who are responsible for putting together the VRE for the Whites Writing Whiteness project. Relatedly to this, I start delivering fully completed collections next week, and the VRE will be built ready for spring 2016. Hurray!


Last updated: 24 October 2015


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