The Archive Project Send off!

The Archive Project Send off!

The manuscript of The Archive Project has been written, read by referees, revised and added to, checked, polished, polished again. And in a very satisfying dawn dispatch of many Word files, it has now also been said au revoir to. For curious readers, the book’s outline contents are below.

The Archive Project: Archival Research in the Social Sciences / Niamh Moore, Andrea Salter, Liz Stanley, Maria Tamboukou / Farnham, Ashgate, 2016.


Chapter 1 / In Other Archives and Beyond
The Archival Turn
Mythologies: In Other Archives
Positioning Ourselves: Key Problematics
After Other Archives: Situated Knowledges and Archival Practices
Into Our Own Archives…

Chapter 2 / Archival Methodology Inside the Black Box: Noise in the Archive! / Liz Stanley
Archival Research: Opening the Black Box
Researchers At Work: Archigraphics
Starting In Good Order: Rewriting, the Archive of the Other Archive, and the Now/Past
Getting the Measure: Mapping the Heterotopic Geographies of a Collection
Documentary Analysis: Context, Pre-Text, Text and Intertext, Post-Text, Context
Working It Out: Interpretation and the Ultimately Referential Character of the Past
Extreme Archiving? Archigraphics, Contra Fever and the Rest

Chapter 3 / Archival Rhythms: Narrativity in the Archive / Maria Tamboukou
Encounters and Entanglements in the Archive
Imagining the Archive
Working in the Thickness of Archival Research: Space/Time/Matter Rhythms
The Return from the Archive, or the Narrative Fabric of Archival Research
Feeling Narratives in the Archive: Some Conclusions

Chapter 4 / Reading Time Backwards? Archival Research and Temporal Order / Andrea Salter
Archival Projects and Temporality
Mass Observation and Its Diaries
In Between? Temporal Strategies in Reading Schreiner’s Letters
‘A Day at a Time’ and Going With the Archival Frame
Beginnings and Endings
In Conclusion: Archival Research and Time

Chapter 5 / Weaving Archival Imaginaries: Researching Community Archives / Niamh Moore
Researching Community Archives, Beginning Questions
Community Archiving as Research
The Transferable Archival Practices and Methodologies of Feminist Webs
From Black Box to Boundary Object
Boundary Infrastructures
Archival Web
Feminist Webs
Archival Times
From Feminist Webs to Archival Genealogies
Refiguring Social Science Archival Imaginaries: Some Methodological Conclusions

Chapter 6 / The Beginning in the Ending: Reassembling Archival Practices
The Trace and the Craft
The Archive as an Institution
The Archive as a Project
The Archive as a Process
Archival Sensibility, Relational Ethics


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