How To…

How To…

Interested in carrying out a piece of historical research, about the recent or distant past,? But… How to decide on a good research topic? How to get to grips with a lot of letters or other documents? How should a specific document be analysed? How to write about it? These and other important ‘how to…’ questions are discussed here, around researching the WWW collections and with strong relevance for other kinds of projects too. They are explored in general terms, with examples referred to often from the WWW research, but from other sources as well.

  1. How to read & write the field
  2. How to have productive research questions
  3. How to select an archive to research in
  4. How to start archival research
  5. How to start: an example
  6. How to manage archival time
  7. How to map a collection
  8. How to record archival documents at volume
  9. How to analyse a document in detail
  10. How to review the archival process
  11. How to interpret documents I
  12. How to interpret documents II
  13. How to finish a project
  14. How to write about it
  15. How to use and not just ‘apply’ theory

More ‘How To…’ pages will appear occasionally and be announced in the Lives and Letters mailings.

Last updated: 20 May 2021