Technologies of writing

Technologies of writing.

It is customary to recognise the complexities of the technologies that go into writing letters, such as pens, or proxy devices, and paper or other media on which messages can be inscribed for those ‘not there’. And there has been considerable attention given to the mechanisms of sending and delivery and response. They all have their limitations, factors which impinge on the possibilities for using them. These blog posts are a kind of proxy letter, one directed towards an unidentified audience of interested people. They can reach many people extremely quickly, although possibilities for response are limited. In addition, and like other such technologies, there are constraints. One of these constraints has become apparent in the last few weeks, and it has taken a good time to puzzle out what exactly it is. It seems that while the Internet might be infinite, the pages that compose blog posts are finite in terms of the amount of material they can be linked to. Nothing worked! Much puzzling led to realisation of the problem, and then splitting the blog posts into two different though linked. Pages. A simple solution to a simple problem, buried in the complexities of computer, apps and software. The blogs were written on time, but they could not be posted.