South African War Memorials – new website launched!

South African War Memorials – new website launched!

Statues and other monuments, and indeed commemoration more generally, are presently much under discussion and in a sense under the symbolic and at times actual hammer. A new WWW reading list on these matters, Remaking memory: on statues and memorials, was published last week.

A brand-new website – on South African War Memorials – is also being launched, live from Wednesday 1 July. Linked to OSLP and WWW, SAWM provides photographs taken as part of earlier projects concerned with commemoration of the concentration camps of the South African War (1899-1902) and the later nationalist overwriting of many of these memorial sites. There are photograph galleries of:

  • the memorial sites of all the white (actually mixed) concentration camps in South Africa
  • many other post-1902 South African memorials
  • as an imperial war, many memorials to the military dead in Britain

There are photographs of all sites, and short interpretive statements on all the concentration camp commemorative sites and post-1902 South African memorials.’Read about’ guides and publications from the research projects concerned are also provided. Go to:


Last updated: 2 July 2020