Have a go, edit Wikipedia articles

Have a go, edit Wikipedia articles

Get fed up with some Wikipedia articles? Wish they were better? Wish there were more on lives and letters and other things that interest you? Well, there’s something practical you can do about this.

Wikipedia is the world’s biggest encyclopedia and it has a completely open editing process, whereby anyone can edit articles or create new ones. Because of this, some articles are better than others, and there is a need for subject-specialists to learn how to edit Wikipedia and contribute to improving the quality of what it publishes. This is really important – Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website online, and is often the first place that people look for information. There is a simple procedure to become a Wikipedia editor, and some useful tools to make sure that you are up to speed in the basics needed.

Wikipedia asks its editors to write articles based on reliable, published, secondary sources, which should be clearly referenced. Everything on Wikipedia can be checked, challenge, and corrected, with the history of editing and discussions featuring on the ‘talk’ and ‘view history’ pages of each Wikipedia article. And some helpful tools will be found on the three pages following:

We hope you’ll find these pages useful. Have a go! And if you do, please get in contact with WWW and let us know what pages have drawn your attention and whether you have found these three sources helpful in editing them.

Last updated:  22 August 2019