Elias and WWW

Elias and WWW

These occasional essays provide discussions of the whys and wherefores of operationalising ideas drawn from the work of Norbert Elias as the conceptual and analytical framework for the WWW project. They involve ‘thinking with Elias’, rather than ‘applying’ his ideas. This is not least because Elias himself would have been dismayed at the latter, having the conviction from his habilitation dissertation (The Court Society) onwards that things shape up differently in different social and political circumstances, and so sociological analysis needs to respond to this. In these essays, his work is used to think about South Africa, its past and its unfolding present.

  1. Thinking with Norbert Elias
  2. Figurations and social change
  3. De/civilising processes
  4. The established-outsider figuration, ‘race’ and whiteness
  5. The civilising process, violence and race
  6. The temporal order, events and social change
  7. Near completion: Generations and established/outsider groups: universities in crisis
  8. Thinking stage – is Elias’s work Eurocentric?

Last updated: 15 October 2017


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