Articles, Books, Chapters

Articles, Books, Chapters

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Details of WWW publications are provided here, including abstracts and referencing information. For final versions, please access the publications themselves.

(2021) ‘Ordinary letter-writing and the “actual course of things”: white colonial settlers doing the business’ in eds Anne Chappel, Julie Parsons, Maria Tamboukou Handbook of Auto/Biography Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

(2019) ‘Documents of life revisited’ in eds Paul Atkinson and Sara Delamont Sage Encyclopaedia of Qualitative Research London: Sage. (With Emilia Sereva)

(2017) The Racialising Process: Whites Writing Whiteness in Letters, South Africa 1770s-1970s Edinburgh: X Press. Go to

(2016) Chapter 1 ‘In other archives and beyond ‘, lead author; Chapter 2 ‘Archival methodology inside the blackbox’, sole author; Chapter 6 ‘The beginning in the ending: reassembling the archival practices’, co-lead author with Maria Tamboukou. In The Archive Project: Archival Research in the Social Sciences (Liz Stanley with Niamh Moore, Andrea Salter, Maria Tamboukou) London: Rutledge. Go to

(2016, published in Journal of Family History) ‘What is a migrant letter?’

(2015, published in Cultural Sociology) ‘The death of the letter? Letterness and the many ends of letter-writing’

(2015, published in Sociology) ‘The scriptural economy, the Forbes figuration and the racial order: Everyday life in South Africa 1850 – 1922’

(2015, published in Int J Social Research Methodology) ‘Operationalizing a QLR project on social change and whiteness in South Africa, 1770s – 1970s’

(2013) ‘Whites Writing: Letters and Documents of Life in A QLR Project’ in (ed.) Liz Stanley Documents of Life Revisited: Narrative & Biographical Methods for a 21st Century Critical Humanism Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, pp.59-75. Download PDF <631kb> here: Stanley2013WhitesWriting

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