Using Collections

Using Collections

The ‘Using Collections’ pages provides two sets of linked information, regarding the ‘Collections portal’ and the archives in which WWW research has been undertaken. These are best used together to provide a detailed picture of the WWW research dataset, the individual collections databases that compose it, and the archives these are housed within.

‘Archives’ provides addresses, websites and other access information and an analytical overview of holdings for all the archives worked in. Understanding a collection and its organisation, what its main components are, how to access its contents and so on, all require knowledge of the archival context in which it is situated.

The ‘Collections portal’ is a gateway to analytical overviews of the main features of all the collections and the databases which provide record-by-record information on them. All searches and other work using the databases are best undertaken after working through portal information on collections of interest.


Collections portal


Last updated: 8 April 2017


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