Using the WWW Edinburgh website  8 Aug 2018

Using the WWW Edinburgh website

Since the WWW website at Edinburgh was launched it has had a great deal of use. From 1 Jan 2013 to 1 Aug 2018, it was visited by 14,726 unique users from 154 countries, with the most visits from the UK, US, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, France, India and Sweden. Runners up have included Brazil, Bulgaria, Namibia, among others. Over this period, the website was visited a total of 21,596 times. A large core group of returning users spent 30 minutes or more viewing website content; and these users visited the website 449 times and viewed 14,217 pages cumulatively. The Project’s Blog is consistently the most accessed area, with the Reading Lists, the Traces and their analyses and the ‘How to…’ pages also much used.

What do YOU use the website for? Has it been these pages, or other features? Do you have a general interest or are you doing something more focused? Might you be investigating particular people or topics, writing a book, preparing a dissertation, exploring family history, something else?

We’re interested in who uses what and why, so that we can provide more of the things you find interesting and useful. So it would be very helpful if people reading this could please send a brief email to providing a short comment on what pages you use, anything you would like more of, and any new features that would be handy for your particular purposes. We will do our collective best to respond positively to all suggestions. Thank you!

Last updated:  9 August 2018