Liz Stanley is exceptionally pleased to announce that well over 200 previously unknown Olive Schreiner letters have just become available and will be published as part of the Olive Schreiner Letters Online

The letters are to Schreiner’s favourite niece, Lyndall (known as Dot) Schreiner. Dot clocked up many firsts in South Africa, as the first woman with a law degree to be called to the bar; while a student at Newnham she became involved in the women’s suffrage movement in the UK; she was later secretary of the Women’s Enfranchisement League in Cape Town at a crucial point in its history in ‘race’ terms; and later still she wrote about her experiences of VAD nursing in World War I. The content of these letters is full and rich, containing much about books, politics, women’s suffrage and many other matters that engaged Schreiner and consequently they stand out as among the most important of her letters that survive. 

This is incredibly exciting news for all Schreiner scholars. Transcription will commence shortly, and bulletins about progress of publication and also the contents of the letters will be issued at intervals.

Last updated: 11 February 2016


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