More on what an archive is

More on what an archive is 

The Archive Project! Book ahoy!

A quick addition to what is in the 24 June blog, concerning different ways of thinking about ‘the archive’ or just plain old archives. The four of us involved in writing a book – to be called, The Archive Project: Archival Research in the Social Sciences – are meeting this Sunday and Monday, with ‘the archive’ and archives and all things associated much on our collective minds. We’ve now got drafts of all six chapters and have the finishing line on 1 October this year in sight. We’ve written it in such a way that it stands between a jointly authored book and an edited collection – there are joint chapters at the start and end, and in between are four individual chapters on different aspects, ideas, theories and methodologies for archival research. What is an archive, or the archive, differs for each of us, so given this it’s amazing how much else we agree on.

Last updated: 26 June 2015


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