Is it a website, is it a Kindle, is it a print book?

Is it a website, is it a Kindle, is it a print book?

Much has happened in the last week, although anyone looking from outside would be hard put to detect this. Barely moving apart from to a computer and back has its compensations. The pages for the published WWW website are now all completed, which happened at the end of last week just after the previous blog was written. This week, they are being put into different structure, organised around chapters in a logical order, overlaps removed and new sections written. Yes, a book is definitely in the making!

As an experiment in keeping with publishing the whole dataset and the WWW website, it will be published as both a Kindle book and a Print-On-Demand book on paper as well, and in the next few weeks. Fed up with academic publishers taking forever and making profit by taking academic labour for free, fed up with books taking 18 months to emerge, fed up with readers having to pay exorbitant sums to read them? This is the route to go, for there is now the possibility of removing the strangle-hold on academic publishing that the publishers have had for far too long.


Last updated: 5 May 2017


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