Exciting announcement!

Exciting announcement!

Much of the last two days have been taken up with something important. We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a slightly wonky and rather ugly but extremely welcome prototype website containing WWW letters. It might not look much to most people, but it represents the start of something that will become large and we hope more glamorous. But the bones are there.

Yes, most of the tabs on the horizontal toolbar on the top-level page will either go or be revised and it may become a vertical one; yes, there is no design or look to the website; yes, the extensive analyses of data that have already been done need to appear; yes, how the letters display needs to be changed; yes, about 20,000 letters currently appear to have been lost in the innards of the computer system. But actually none of these are fundamental, not even the last rather scary point. The letters are ‘really’ there and everything is joined up properly; they do display, the search facilities are extensive, and the data visualisations provide some interesting insights even without all the data properly registering. What we have is a starting point, with this prototype now going through a number of iterations before a beta-version can be sent to project Advisory Board members before finalising. We are all agreed that these iterations will be carried out as quickly as possible now that we have started on what will eventually become the published website, a duck to be turned into a very fine swan indeed. And in the meantime, three nice men at HRI are spending their Friday afternoon hunting for 20,000 letters!

For obvious reasons, the promised blog on ‘ordinary correspondence’ has been postponed and will appear as next week’s blog.

Last updated: 18 August 2017


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