Digital Humanities Fellowship, NHTC North Carolina, USA

Digital Humanities Fellowship, NHRC North Carolina, USA

Liz Stanley has just been awarded a Fellowship in the Digital Humanities Institute at the National Humanities Research Center, North Carolina, during 2015-2016. This will be based around innovations in the digital humanities (including social sciences). It provides an excellent opportunity to think and to talk about in what form, and with what user features, to publish Whites Writing Whiteness data – and also to consider its successor project. This is already a twinkle in the eye, and on which there will be more in due course. The Institute and its Fellows will meet variously face-to-face in North Carolina and virtually in a number of formats over the next 18 months, and later blogs will reflect on its proceedings. In the meantime – the letter of invitation is accompanied by a c200 item reading list!

Last updated: 19 March 2015


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