A New Year’s blog!

A New Year’s blog!

Officially the Whites Writing Whiteness ended yesterday, 31 December 2016. Literally, the project proceeds as usual to 31 March 2017, when its final report is due. In that three month period, the WWW website will be beta-tested then launched, more collections finalised, more publications prepared, as well as the final report written. Thereafter, things will continue to proceed: there won’t be funding, and project evaluation will be based on what was accomplished by yesterday, 31 Dec 2016, but there WILL be more publications, more additions to the editorial apparatus on the website, and also more collections will continue to be added too. A list of such collections has been prepared from the most recent fieldwork periods and will be worked on time and self-funding permitting and added. So it’s all systems go, as there is a small backlog of collections to finalise from the recent research in South Africa and then dispatch them to HRI at the University of Sheffield, in addition to the rest of things to be done.

And here is a recent photograph taken from the Forbes first farm at Doornkloof.


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